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Overview of Solar PV

PV stands for Photo Voltaic, PV solar systems convert daylight into D.C. current by means of solar panels which are made up from many PV cells. This D.C. current is then converted by an inverter into everyday A.C. current which can be used in the home or fed back into the power grid

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Will PV Solar panels work during the winter?


Yes, absolutely. Solar pv technology is very advanced and produces power even on totally overcast days.



Why should I consider a solar pv system?


PV solar systems are easy to install with minimal disruption and have no moving parts. PV is now a mature technology and is guaranteed at a minimum 80% efficiency after 25 years. It creates no pollution and is silent when operating.



What are the disadvantages to installing a PV solar system?


The only disadvantage is the initial cost outlay, however this is offset by the 'Feed-In Tariff' payments you will receive and the savings on electricity usage that you would normally pay for.



How big a solar pv energy system do I need?


The size of the solar system you decide to purchase depends on the available installation space you have and how much you choose to invest at the outset.

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